Blackberry’s puffle journal

This is the puffle diaries, In case you did not know, Puflles are a pet  in club penguin. 🙂

( Note: This is  a random assortment of a diary) enjoy! 😀

Blackberry’s diary

Day one

dear puffle diary,

Hi! Im sky blue’s Black puffle named blackberry!

Today my puffle friend named puff came over to sky blue’s house and we

had fun. UNTIL, the neighbor’s puffle named watermellon came over.

Let me get this straight. Watermellon is a annoying puffle, he came over today and accidently fell off the countertop ( dont ask ME why he was on the countertop) and landed on my laptop im typing from. It broke but fortunately I saved my progress, and it was fixed two hours later. 😡

my family: Fluffy, no name( A unnamed puffle) ,and me( blackberry).

uh oh, gotta go, Watermellon is coming over here! WATERMELLEN DONT FIDDLE WITH THE COMPUTER!!!!!!  Blackberry shuts off computer*

day two

you will NOT beleive this! My puffle family has another puffle! sky blue adopted a newborn purple puffle! It came in a basket for an unknown reason, It was trying to crawl out of his basket but he could not, the puffle was almost crying to get out and sky blue was playing ice hockey and the puffle in the basket was on the counter! We couldn’t get up because the grosseries were blocking the way. the puffle was completely helpless, the puffle started crying, I went downstairs with No Name and fluffy leaving the baby puffle upstairs. we stayed down there for a HOUR waiting for the helpless puffle to be quiet and stop crying; and soon we were watching HGTV in the basement, after 3 hours the baby fell asleep.


We went back up into the room where the baby was,  the baby was asleep on the cutting board, then the baby woke up, it was hungry, we went to the cupboard and got the PUFFLE Os ( or puffle food) and tossed a couple up to the baby. the baby refused to eat it, THEN I remembered, Baby purple puffles are finicky eaters! I threw some salt up on the cutting board where the baby was and the baby spilled it on No Names eyes.

No Name: OWW!! MY EYES!!! IT BURNS!!!

Then No Name jumped onto the tub and tryed to wash the salt off, It worked. Then No Name was mad at the baby puffle. HE got some pepper and threw it at the baby puffles eyes. No Name missed, but the puffle fell off the cutting board and landed near the basement. and THEN the baby pufle fell down the stairs going into  the basement.

Fluffy: Lets see if he is ok.

No Name: you go without me!

Blackberry: ok

fluffy finds the baby puffle unconsious at the bottom of the stairs. THEN the puffle woke up and said…

Baby purple puffle: grape.

Then I said We should name the baby purple puffle grape! everyone agreed. Blackberry shuts down computer*

day three

Remember grape? we all think he crawled he crawled into his basket at midnight and could not get out because when I woke up at 2:30 this morning to get a drink of milk, I saw Grape in his basket trying to get out. I decided to let him lay there until at least 9:00 because he looked VERY sleepy when he failed to get out of the basket, So i got grape out, kept grape there, and when he least suspected it, I put the basket on top of him.

I spent about 30 minutes waiting for the dumb baby puffle to fall asleep, It was probably VERY dark in there because he kept bonking into the walls, at about 3:37 Grape started squeaking for help. ( have I mentioned that puffle squeak to cummunicate)? But that was his VERY first squeak, so it was about as loud as a mouse’s squeak. Nobody could hear him except me because I was there. Plus, A newborn puffle cant cummunicate using squeaks because its like “baby talk”. so at about 9:00, I came to get him out. I picked Grape up and carried him to his puffle kennel/cage, and put Grape in the kennel.

Day four


Today I was eating food when waterMellon bumped my face into my food. ( to be exact it was Cambels Chicken And Noodle soup)

when I got up Grape was aproaching with a strange expression, HE LICKED THE SOUP OFF MY FACE!!!!!! Ugh, what a emberassment, Growls*

Then, I was  walking over to the scratching post and it fell over. ON ME.

Day Five

I was Walking through My owners house, When Suddenly, My Owner burst through the door holding a newborn blue puffle, He put it in a crib and fed it, Another Brother, yay! his name is blueberry, The only puffle that can understand him is Grape, Maybe because both are newborn?

Grape: sd76yftrivgystir

(Translation: lets go take a nap.)

Blueberry: yu

(Translation: ok.)

So, they went to kitchen and crawled into their beds.

Then, Me and No Name decided to have some fun. So I got the puffle kennel and put the sleeping puffles in, it was great. The puffles woke up an hour later and squeaked at each other.

Grape: gyobvuetoiuevio

(Translation: Why are we in a dark and gloomy prison?)

Blueberry: sdyuftivuyftiy

(Translation: Its called a CAGE.)

Grape: tw

Translation: oh.

All baby puffles HATE cages.

But We were punished and WE were put in the cage.

Day 6

Well, Grape ran away and did not come back; So I took a nap, I heard noise coming from No Name’s room, so I checked it out, And you will NOT beleive this, He was Doing a exercise.

Blackberry: No Name, You are exercising? HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

No Name: Im, umm, Nothing.

So I left, It was kinda funny because He kept falling off his Treadmill, but it was kinda suspicious.

heh, i need a hobby…

day 7

Today, I found a digital camera in fluffy’s pillowcase, It had tons of pictures from the wild, He was from the wild? hmm…

Oh, yeah. by the way. Today Sky Blue tested a theory on blueberry, The theory was: “Puffles Hate Small Areas”.

I think its true, either that, Or blueberry thought we were going to torture him or something.I took a digital photo, here it is.

captured-puffleHe was almost crying to get out, I think I saw a tear, not that it matters.

day 8

Today Sky blue6245 bought a new water dish, I was excited, THEN I found out blueberry was going to use it. I wouldnt seem like a big deal, But im allergic to milk, and that’s what Blueberry drinks, And THEN sky blue gets water and rinses it and filles it with the same water, Which after that has the taste of milk, But, FORTUNATELY, Blueberry grew out of milk yesterday, So I dont mind anymore.

Day nine

I went to puffle school today, It was a madhouse! In the luchroom, Someone started a Hot Dog fight, Grape came along too, He was pelted with spicy chicken, Corn dogs, And someone threw a donut at him, CREAM FILLED! I got pretty beat up too, I was pelted with a substance that looked like cement glued to a fish, It was rock SOLID. I had a computer class, I didn’t understand any of the keys at all,It was an ADVANCED COMPUTER KEYBOARD.



  1. ;(

  2. 😥

  3. Blackberry:Those are IM faces.

  4. What does a puffle look like? I’m having a hard time picturing one in my mind.

    • You can see one in the page ” What a puffle looks like”!

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