Sky blue5245’s diary( Or calvins club penguin diary),

Day one

I woke up to find my puffle fluffy Rooting through my droor full of books, As soon as he woke up and looked at me, he ran away at like 47 mph. I wondered what was up so I Ran after fluffy,Then I saw him, he was holding my diary, he didn’t see me so I approached, as soon as he heard me he squeaked in suprise i grabbed the book away from him and put him in his bed. three hours later I saw him holding my diary AGAIN. I got the puffle O’s ( food for puffles) and tied one to a string, I threw it in his direction and heard him say ” WOW! Cool! a Puffle O! Im starving!” I pulled the string and he followed, I pulled it to the backyard, And I ran. As he ate the puffle O, I grabbed him and attached him to his leash and Tied him up with his leash,

At breakfast

Around 10:06, I untied him because he needed breakfast, but first I told him my diary is personal, and from the way he looked at me after I said this, I could tell he knew that.

Day 2

I was being trained for a ninja tournament called “Card Jitsu”, It was easy at first, the next 100 times, not so easy.

card-jitsuI’m the one on the right, NOT the left.


Calvin:This is fan art from The official website Of club penguin.

Day three

Today, I saw some robbers at the pizza parlor, it was HILARIOUS, You know why? They were robbing for the FIRST time, The first time is always the hardest…

flippers-up Unfortunately, I was at table nine, Which was on fire.


I bought a new pufle, He is red, his name is strawberry.

By the way…

I was at a bonfire, Ouch!

sky-blue6245-at-the-campfireoww, i needed skin graphs.

Day four

I ran out of coins, someone stole them, so I got a job, feeding puffles, its not that bad, actualy, its kinda fun!come-and-get-itSo I got paid about 95 coins per day, not bad, anyway, Fluffy became a vegitarian, but that was kinda a burden.

Fluffy: We are out of celery sticks.

sky blue6245; great, that’s the ONLY thing I didn’t buy in the grocery store!

and I got a new house! Its pirate themed! And I made a friend!!!

day five

hi! I was going to the pool when I found a nasty suprise!!!

shootI was so very mad, WHO DID THIS?!

anyway, my new igloo ( The pirate one) is nice, my puffles share a room, and blackberry sleeps next to GRAPE, so he puts ice under Grape’s covers EVERY night, So I woke up to find grape soaking wet, so I gave him a towel, he ATE it( must’ve thought it was food) and got ill for three hours, he was coughing up towel material left and right!


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  1. Fluffy: It was worth it.

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