Fluffy’s Journal

Hi, My name is fluffy, And I am a puffle.

Day one

I got the dirt on Sky blue6245, I will tell when I get 50 comments on this page, But he tied me to my leash, By the way, I have been secretly hiding a puffle from the wild in my puffle igloo, Her name is paints.

puffleThis is a digital photo of Paints.

Day two

I decided to exercice more, THEN, Blackberry comes in and makes fun of me.

Blackberry: YOU? EXCERSISING? HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!

Fluffy: Be quiet…

OH, he makes me so mad I could EXPLODE!!!!!! BOOM!!!!!!!

Anyway, my digital camera is missing, I think blackberry did it.

I have a baby brother named Grape, ALL puffles have simple names and penguins don’t, I will prove it.

Puffle: Grape

Penguin: Sky blue6245

See??? Kinda odd if you ask me, i g2g ( Got 2 go) Grape is comng over here, I gotta put him in his puffle bed. C-ya!

Day three

Blueberry grew out of bottle feeding, So he drinks water and not milk! So he spends most of his time drinking water.

blueberry-drinking-waterI also found out that a strange puffle named strawberry is hiding in our igloo, So I decided to tell no name, Who laughed, He said: “If There was a puffle hiding in our igloo, Sky blue would know it!”

So I said: ” Oh yeah? Well I saw it with my own eyes!!!”

So I got in a fight with No name, and even though he doesn’t have arms, he still packs a punch, Ow!

Day four

Sky Blue finally found Strawberry, And He adopted him into our family, He is a month younger than me, So we are good friends, But he HATES baths.

strawberry-in-the-bathtubThat expression on his face says: “I like falling off cliffs more then getting in this stupid bath tub.”

Another thing Going on is that grape is three months old and he cant even CRAWL, So he is “transported” with a stroller, One of Sky Blues friends named “Orange guy”; He is OK i guess, but he likes to tease strawberry, And it makes him mad, And he took it out on grape, not the best thing to do, Let me tell ya, He rolled grape out of his bed and into the basement while grape was sleeping, So when Grape woke up, he was in a scary place, The basement to be exact, It was pitch black down there.

Grape: cries*

Grape: sobs*


(translation): Help me!!! I’M SCARED!!! I’M ALL ALONE!!!!

Blackberry: I hear Grape, No… must’ve been my imagination…

Eventually, I found him crying, sobbing, And weeping, So I took him upstairs and comforted him, well… actualy TRIED to comfort him, g2g.

day five

Sky blue got a new puffle named peach, she’s in the hospital because sky blue accidently stepped on her, puffles are so small, they should have some kind of visibility rule like: wear pointy hats.

Sky blue: Oops!!! I stepped on peach!!

Peach: . . . groan*. . .

At the hospital…

Doctor: It seems your theigh has snapped, you will be here probably from nine to twelve days.

Peach: WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?! OW!

Doctor: Try to stay in bed.

Peach: I want a prescription you quack!

fluffy enters the room

Fluffy: I’ve got a lawyer!!

Doctor: Whats that gotta do with anything?

Peach: Yeah!

Fluffy: . . . um, in case ur a. . .

Peach: Quack!

Doctor: Im subscribing one sleeping pill per day, Dont cross paths with me again!

Fluffy: I’ve gotta lawyer!!!!



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