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MY EVERY DAY LIFE. by calvin

November 6, 2008
  • Today  I played a piano song called “over the river and through the woods”. Even though in the song a horse is  pulling the sleigh to grandma’s house, where I live thats more than 3,000 MILES away, you’d have to replace the horse like, 1,000 times and take a boat twice, and that could take months, possibly years! WOW! that is long! a couple weeks later, I have accomplished a small accomplishment, To be exact, I have built a small “LEGO” building. OK, OK, Thats a stupid topic, Just like my every-day thoughts, I have noticed that this is a stupid idea! Have you ever heard someone play the bagpipes and they suddenly gasped for air and dropped their bagpipes on the cat and the cat ran for about four meters and woke up the dog and it turned into a game of ” get controll over the dog before he wakes the baby” and then you fail to catch the dog and it wakes up the baby? NOT ME!!! I need fifteen more dollars so I can buy a new game but I only get a couple dollars per three months!!! Just a topic that’s all.