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Bible Questions!!!

November 4, 2008

Did Judas go to heaven? I think he did, but what do you all think? Well, I think he went to heaven because the Bible said he was sorry, he was very sad, and he hung himself in grief. That is why I think so. Why did Jesus go to galilee? Frankly, I don’t know. It just occured to me, If the garden of eden was on earth is it still there? for all we know, Logos could be right on top of it! Gasp! How did the golden ark got to heaven? It is so mysterious, What happened when Jesus was dead? Did the disciples fast? did they weep? Did they do both??? UPDATE!!! In my New testament bible, In one section of the parable “a vineyard” Or somthing like that, It said ” they killed the owners son and threw him out”, but in a different book in the new testament, It said “the threw him out of the vineyard and killed him!!! How did it get mixed up???

Ive got some good evidence AGAINST the following: Aliens, Evolution, and dinosaurs evolving into birds, and that god DID NOT CREATE THE WORLD IN THREE BILLION YEARS, and i can prove that the world is only about six thousand years old, plus exclusively for YOU readers, proof for noah’s flood!

Aliens couldnt exist because in genisis, when adam sinned, if aliens existed, they would be punished for OUR sins!

And dinosaurs didn’t evolve into birds, because they would leave behind SOME fossils, but they dont.

if the earth was old, the big dippers arms would be wound tight and blurred, because the big dipper winds up in time!

if the period of time when god created the earth, in the third day he created flowers and plants, the next day he created the sun, if the periods of time were billions of years old, the plants couldn’t survive, if its a regular 24 hour day, it’ll be just fine.