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IM chatting

December 15, 2008

I will IM chat here, If you can read this, Youve Have once used IM chat!!!



P.S. I think IM chatting is an excuse to spell incorrectly. 😀


Clubpenguin secrets!!! :)

December 9, 2008

I will tell you secrets I know over here, If you have any secrets you know I will post them.

1. When buying surf boards from the sports catalog, When you see a penguin holding a flame surf board, press the surf board then the sea star,and last the shell, to get a special surfboard! 😀

2.When in the clothing catalog, when you get to the page with the red penguin wearing a parka, click his eyes for the opportunity to buy a red viking helmet! 🙂

3.(THIS IS A GLITCH) When you press the snowball button, hold down the “T” button, and repeatedly click a area to throw a withering barrage of snowballs!!! 😀

4.In the dojo (Area on the mountains on the world map) if you get a black belt in card jitsu, then beat sensei (penguin that trains you for card jitsu), You will get a ninja mask and a key to a secret area where you can buy the ninja suit!!! 😀       😀

5.When you play pizzatron 3,000, click the small lever near the bottom right corner to switch to desert mode!

6. I Was in the shoe section In the clothing catalog, I clicked this thingy that looked like a pink shoe styled like a flipper that divers use, And It showed a small Tab that allowed me to buy a super hero mask that is similar to the ninja mask!!! 😀

7. when in the stage, you will see some swithes and buttons and a lever, click any of them to activate a specific thing depending on what play is showing!  🙂

NOTE: if you see a penguin named sky blue6245, Its me!

P.S. literally!

SPECIAL thanks to the other club penguin blogs!!!

😀 😀 😀 😀 😀     (five smiles)


4×4 EVO 2

December 2, 2008

4×4 evo 2 is a very fun racing game. you can controll a series of cars from every brand including Jeeps!!! 🙂

There are a couple dozen tracks you start out with, but you can download new tracks from curent websites, such as 4× tracks.

in multiplayer, you can race with someone virtualy 300 miles away!

the ONLY technical problem I’ve had with the game is that sometimes it wont save, All in all though it is a awesome game!

Plus, there are some racers that roam around the track, join them and sometimes they will find treasure! Im not sure there is a area on 4× that says ANYTHING about the treasure chests.

P.S. you can run this game without the disk, well at least on MY computer.